Buen dia! I want to welcome you to this "protective coccoon" where only the positive resides. A place where you can go to clarify the good of your life, the ownership of your happiness, the embrace of reality."It IS Your Attitude" was published as a tome of what is meaningful and what is trivial in life.  Only you can  be responsible for YOU!

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www.LuisLobo.Biz  The book has been utilized by educators, executive managers, clergy and families. "It IS Your Attitude" has been featured in seminars, workshops and team-building events by Character Counts in Education; The ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking; Consortium of Colleges and Universities; The Frederick News Post, BB&T Bank, Beacon Bank; Wake Forest University;  Charlotte County Court House Public Schools, Frederick County Public Schools; Belmont Abbey College; Peoples Bank and many others.
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